The “Thank You Award.”

Hello wonderful bloggers and lovely readers!

Since the time I was first nominated in The Mystery Blogger Award by poetrylover, the amount of nominations I received for the awards have increased, too! Sadly, however, it became a tedious job for me to make a post on every single nomination I got, so I decided to do it all together! And what better than calling it the “Thank You Award”?

Now, I know how the value of something you receive in bulk reduces hastily thus I wanted to make this a special post. The main motive behind these award chains is to make people know your blog, know your work, appreciate it and even create the eagerness in you to nominate other great bloggers.

Also, I know how too many award posts can be irritating and make you go—“Ugh! Another award nomination?” But yes, these awards do a great job in making people happier and appreciated about their work and there’s nothing else that a passionate person desires.

I’d request the award winners(YAY! Everyone’s a winner. I feel like Oprah, tbh, and it feels great!) to post the link to their best post in the comment section or if you want to write a post about it surely go ahead!

The Winners (Irrespective of their order) :


Karen Viramontes






George Sunday

Conscious Misfit Of Americas’ Society(CMOAS)

Victor Davies

Judy Redic

Riya Rajayyan

Sanchali- The wanderer

Thoughts of an Introvert

Zainab Zahid


Reflection Of Des

Girl on the go!

The wordsmith
I’d really appreciate you guys checking out these wonderful bloggers that I came across since I started blogging and also make other blogger friends recognized in our community!

Peace out.

Cover Credits- Pinterest

18 thoughts on “The “Thank You Award.”

  1. That’s so sweet of you Bhai!!!
    I too remember the time when I got fed up with too many nomination then I also did the same, thanked my friends for nominating me by giving them the love they much deserved.
    Have a great day!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m sure you can relate to the slight negligence towards the blog with loads of work flooding in..
    I’ve missed you guys greatly.
    Thanks for the award/nomination Ash. Warms up my heart to be a part of your blogging family and it’s pretty much the same crew of mine that you’ve linked in this award! Much love! xoxo will catch up soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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