The day has come.

Hello warm souls!

As promised today is the day these fables finally move into their new home!

The Honest Fabler — website is now active to be subscribed! The ongoing series whose latest updates haven’t came out this week, would be continued again on the website, I apologize for the delay but it was due to the preparation of making the website available in time!

Note: When you receive the confirmation email, and it says that it couldn’t subscribe to the blog, it’s because it isn’t under wordpress anymore. To avoid this error, please logout of your wordpress accounts for a minute or two so you’ll continue receiving mails.

I know, I get it how tedious it is to go and do that procedure! So, I’ve decided to post the excerpts of the posts that I make on the site, in order to notify the fellow WordPress community :)

You will find all my previous posts on the site along with your wonderful comments!

There’s nothing more I’d wanna say, other than making a promise to be in touch. :’)

Adios, Family! <3


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