A Miserable Truth — World Poetry Day!

On this amazing occasion of World Poetry Day, I would like to bring the following topic out of the darkness. Let's discuss about it once you've read the poem.


Autumn of one’s life

A gray old woman sits all alone Unloved, uncherished and unknown. Sitting beside her broken door. Dreaming of days past long ago, When children played about her knee, Filling the air with childish glee, Tended by her with loving care. Knowing the blessing of a Mother's prayer. But now they have gone, each to his … Continue reading Autumn of one’s life

Prismatic Life

As clouds express their sweet refrain And we are blessed by morning rain. When rainbows form in misty skies Clouds present treasures for our eyes. There is a rainbow in my world today, With every word you write my way. Colors of emotions flow in harmony, as they spread across the sky in unity. Wrap … Continue reading Prismatic Life

Dripsy Dropsy

Monsoon's Dripsy Dropsy Rhythm Falling Down, pooling up, Out of the sky, into my cup. What is this wet that comes from above, That some call disaster, and others find love. The harder it falls, the less it is nice, The colder it falls the harder the ice. The rain has an art that I … Continue reading Dripsy Dropsy


Did you listen? I have felt like this for a while, but I have kept it all inside. This time, though, its way too much, I do not think that I can not cry. This sense of loss and emptiness, most people feel it too. I hope if I don't voice it, it will pass … Continue reading A BLACK RAY


Who says being a quitter is a bad thing? I have been strong for far too long, can't keep the pace now. I have been carrying on ,driving down the same old roads, I am losing faith, starting to lose face. Seems it's the same every day, seems nothing ever changes. I have nothing left … Continue reading TRASH THE ASH

Captioning Photographs

Pre-Script: If you're a writer and you've got friends who do photography or, well, post any kinda posts you've heard this: "Bhai is photo pe caption dede" Translation: Bro, give me a caption for this photograph. A few months ago, I did this:- Jokes apart, the sole reason I do it is, I get a … Continue reading Captioning Photographs

One down, Three to go.

Pre-Script: I am feeling what every Lord of the Rings character felt at the end. " IT'S FINALLY OVER!! " Hello Lovely Readers! How have y'all been? I know it's been a while since I've posted or even interacted on your blogs— and I'm extremely sorry for that.— but that was all because of the … Continue reading One down, Three to go.