Short Stories 1.0 + The Best Announcement!

Announcement Time! Before I start — A very Happy Diwali to everyone. A few months ago, Codex Publishing House was formed and to give a chance to new authors in getting published, they conducted a search for the best short stories to be included in the anthology — The Midget Allegories! It gives me immense … Continue reading Short Stories 1.0 + The Best Announcement!


Master of Death — Story behind something huge.

There are a lot of stuff you do when you come of age. This one's a similar story of a wild thing I did after a month of my 18th birthday!

The Unique Blogger Award

Another award, Yay! First off, how have y'all been? Blogging daily has slipped out of my routine, apparently, so make up to it— I've decided to keep blogging for next 21 days in ANYWAY possible! Why 21 days? Because I believe doing something for 21 days is enough to develop that particular thing as a … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

Writing Tips #6 (The Power Of Foreshadowing)

Here comes the last and the most vital part to embellish your stories! With the power of foreshadowing, a writer can achieve that one thing they have took all the efforts for— Reader's Interest. Before we begin, these are the previous tips to keep in mind before you plan to start your story. #1 – Word … Continue reading Writing Tips #6 (The Power Of Foreshadowing)

One Lovely Blogger Award

One Lovely Blogger Award A heartiest thanks to Juliana for this lovely award nomination! Do check out her amazing blog and I bet you'll relate to every post on it! Rules: Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post. They must include the rules and add the blog award … Continue reading One Lovely Blogger Award

The day has come.

Hello warm souls! As promised today is the day these fables finally move into their new home! The Honest Fabler — website is now active to be subscribed! The ongoing series whose latest updates haven't came out this week, would be continued again on the website, I apologize for the delay but it was due … Continue reading The day has come.