Story of Her Life — The Society’s Wrath

The society claims to have adapted to the modern ideologies, but has it really been the true side of it? Once we break the facade of this "modern" society, one can clearly witness the wrath it holds underlying the falsehood.


A Miserable Truth — World Poetry Day!

On this amazing occasion of World Poetry Day, I would like to bring the following topic out of the darkness. Let's discuss about it once you've read the poem.

A Reborn Princess

The amount of efforts that a father and a mother take to keep their child happy is immeasurable. It's something that no child can ever comprehend unless and until they see past the difficulties their parents protect them from. This fable was written to realize the love of such a pair of parents towards their child.

The Bench

The Bench It was always white. No matter the weather, it's wood never turned dull. The rain drops slid away like water over oil. The hot sun could only add to it's brightness. The snow? It converted the bench into Snow White's favorite seat. The resistant mighty white wasn't the reason why she loved it, … Continue reading The Bench

Library Romance.

Library Romance - Every New Time. The first time I saw her smile, it was through the gaps of the library shelves that she stood beyond. The first time we exchanged a glance, she laughed too hard while reading a comic under the "Keep Silence" board. The first time I talked to her, she dropped … Continue reading Library Romance.

In the End, he’s One Step Closer.

You want to talk about fair? If you are, then stop right here, Because this write-up isn't fair. It isn't fair because life isn't. And you wouldn't ever, ever get back what you give. Life would throw huge freaking lemons on your pretty face, without caring if it hurt your nose. You can't reason with … Continue reading In the End, he’s One Step Closer.