The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – Part VIII

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Goldfish is real "gold" to me.


My first love — Diary

Dear Diary, It's funny how I always write in you but never for you. And it's surprising how you never complain while I fill your pages with the nonsensical jumble of words. All that belong to my unshaped thoughts and claim to call it a "draft". No matter how much I revise a draft to … Continue reading My first love — Diary

Superdad – Hero without cape!

SuperDad A day for our favorite superhero, Our first love. A day to celebrate, to cherish, to tell them how lucky we are to have them. But why do it only once? Today, I've an answer. It's like the way we wait for Christmas, like the happiness they receive on hold us in their hands … Continue reading Superdad – Hero without cape!

The Plea of Love – (Father’s Day Special)

One day a teardrop will fall from the sky. And on that day, out of joy, I will cry. Within my arms I'll hold you tight, And as you open your eyes to me you'll know everything will be alright. One day I will plant my seed, And watch you grow into this love that … Continue reading The Plea of Love – (Father’s Day Special)

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee- Part II

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

TSSOAA- PART II Sorry for being late, had my exams all week. But finally, I've a month's leave! Which means no way I'll be late anymore! TSSOAA is a series close to my heart. It's the first short story I've ever written. I hope you all check it out. Read Part I: here And Author's … Continue reading The Secret Sister of Awan Alee- Part II

The day has come.

Hello warm souls! As promised today is the day these fables finally move into their new home! The Honest Fabler — website is now active to be subscribed! The ongoing series whose latest updates haven't came out this week, would be continued again on the website, I apologize for the delay but it was due … Continue reading The day has come.