A Short Novel and a Youtube Channel!

My heart aches that I have to present you a short novel that you’re about to read. Although fictional, it is inspired by true events.


A Privilege

For All Seasons A teacher is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them, Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. A teacher … Continue reading A Privilege


Life is a work of art, something you paint or write with your heart, taking care to make every part a symphony of colors or words that fly together like a flock of birds. You use the tools that you have, a paintbrush or a pen in your hand. Appreciate the hand you use, because … Continue reading TIMELESS

Spread your wings.

Lift your wings to fly.   There is no safety here. This morning in the garden your words fell out. Your mouth opened and ran out of things to say. Light abandoned and every corner you went into the spaces hid away and you became, just another voice in the wind. No one notices when … Continue reading Spread your wings.

Magical Embrace

As the seconds pass... We look back... Of what our lives have held... As the minutes pass... We see what fell through the cracks... Parts of our lives we withheld... As the hours pass... We think of what we learned... What we have taught... What we have forgot... As the days pass... We wish a … Continue reading Magical Embrace

The Blank String

Family along the streets. Just a few bodies live together in a hole,a burrow in a space of cement concrete. Pigeons that return on beaks of worms,gophers in their holes of common space. Exploring life,sharing its outer darkness,as the sky hangs in balance,tautly held. Our children eat porridge off our hands, we are their white … Continue reading The Blank String

Guardian Angels

I remember the time I was afraid to face the world. It was them who held me close, like a shield and we faced it together. I remember the time when I was afraid to tumble. It was them who held my hand & taught me to walk. I remember the time I felt like … Continue reading Guardian Angels

Illuminating darkness.

Darkness Robert's mind wandered around his deadline, even while he rested his head on the glass window. He had to complete a week's work in just one night. And the train was an hour away from home. If he had a list of things he hated, it'll only be 4 words long.  Rescheduled Deadlines. Late trains. … Continue reading Illuminating darkness.

Death’s Lullaby

No more me. My body is in silence, yet my heart's loud. The glimpse of black and white flickers with extreme oscillation in my cerebral. And my soul inside? It's falling apart. Drifting between memories. Trying to hold on to one, But failing every time. The noise from everywhere can not reach me under this … Continue reading Death’s Lullaby


I've heard that many people have "flying dreams", nighttime visions of soaring through the sky like some kind of superhero or a magical human-bird; however, I doubt that the majority of those people have flying dreams akin to mine - ones that are often more frustrating than enjoyable. This type of dream is a recurring … Continue reading MOON BASE