A Miserable Truth — World Poetry Day!

On this amazing occasion of World Poetry Day, I would like to bring the following topic out of the darkness. Let's discuss about it once you've read the poem.


Writers are Paranoid

Pre-Script: We, writers, may be well known and respected for portraying our thoughts in words but there are few secrets that every writer keeps to himself. Now, I may be exaggerating but these are my worst fears and to be honest each of it is a byproduct of paranoia. Writers are Paranoid From the moment … Continue reading Writers are Paranoid

Library Romance.

Library Romance - Every New Time. The first time I saw her smile, it was through the gaps of the library shelves that she stood beyond. The first time we exchanged a glance, she laughed too hard while reading a comic under the "Keep Silence" board. The first time I talked to her, she dropped … Continue reading Library Romance.

Guardian Angels

I remember the time I was afraid to face the world. It was them who held me close, like a shield and we faced it together. I remember the time when I was afraid to tumble. It was them who held my hand & taught me to walk. I remember the time I felt like … Continue reading Guardian Angels


Spellbound(?) Today I saw a girl, Something about her made my heart twirl. Her pearly eyes never met mine, Yet I knew our hands would fit in just fine. Her chubby cheeks, rosy lips, dimple chin, squishy nose. Why can't I form an original prose? Her sublime beauty had surely perplexed my mind, I was lost … Continue reading Spellbound

Discovering my Soul

Soul I was locked in the emptiest reign of time. The world would run but I couldn't move. I would see but I couldn't feel. That is when I knew, I couldn't escape. That is when I looked within myself & found the answer. The answer to end my sufferings, for I knew I still … Continue reading Discovering my Soul

Stolen Dreams

The worst part about today's situation, is not that we don't dream. On the contrary, we have a million dreams! Dreams, so intense that on turning true they would shake the society's foundation. The rainbow of love would shine high, Unfazed by the people's judgement no soul would cry. The unicorns would be our daily … Continue reading Stolen Dreams

The Lost Star

The Lost Star In the darkest part of the night, we met. We giggled and laughed and danced to the moon's melody under the twinkling starlight. We cherished our happy moments made at night, every morning. Then came a day when she joined those stars, making them shine brighter! But what about me? I had … Continue reading The Lost Star